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Treharrock Farm Cottages


Port Isaac


PL29 3TA

+44 (0)1208 880517

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The map above gives a visual impression of where Treharrock Farm Cottages are located in South West England. Use the 'plus' button on the zoom stick to zoom closer into the map or simply double-click the map to zoom in. You can also drag on the map to move left, right, up and down.

Download Directions PDF

Left click on the Directions link below to view or right click and select 'Save Target As' (Internet Explorer) or 'Save Link As' (Firefox and Chrome) to download a PDF that provides specific route instructions.

Directions (PDF)



Route Finder

For a more detailed instructions, we recommend you download the PDF (see above). To use the route finder as a visual guide example from your journey start point, follow these steps:


1. Click the red marker on the map above and select the 'Directions' link to open the route finder to Treharrock Farm Cottages.

2. Then, below the map, add your postcode in the first text box (A).

3. Click the Get Directions button. A route plan will be displayed on the map and distance, time and the route itself will display underneath the map.

4. To print your route details, click the Print Directions button.